Have the citation, but need the entire article?

Let’s say you’re writing a five page paper, and after some time, you found the perfect article. Overjoyed, you open it up, only to realize you only see the citation image in the upper left (not the full-text links as shown in this post’s image). What does this mean, and what can you do about it?

Sullivan Library subscribes to many databases. Some of them only have access to that journal’s citations (or abstracts), not the entire article in HTML or PDF format. However, it is possible that another database we subscribe to might have access to the full text of the article.

We can use the Serial Solutions E-Journals List database to check. Connect now (this opens a new window, which is ideal for citation searching). Once you have logged in and entered the database, simply enter the name of the journal (not the title of the article) in the top searchbox (to the right of Title begins with).

If we carry the journal in electronic format here at Sullivan, Serial Solutions will tell you which database carries it and which years we have access to. Simply click on the database’s hyperlink — for instance, ABI/INFORM Global — to be taken to that journal’s entry page within the specificed database. At this point, you should go back to your original citation and look for the volume #, issue #, and year, to dig further for the article.

If we do not carry the article, there are further steps you can take:

1. Search Sullivan’s Online Card Catalog to see if we own the journal in print or microfilm format.

2. If that also fails, you can fill out an InterLibrary Loan form, which are available at the circulation desk.

3. If you are need the article as soon as possible, you could try Googling the name of the journal and checking to see whether the publisher offers the full-text for free (this is rare, but it happens).

4. You could also try searching for the title of the article in Google Scholar, though this is also rare. However, sometimes you will come across PDF versions of the article that someone has put onto the internet.

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