Website heads up:

If you are studying within the Health Services fields here at Dominican, this website is for you! The Lancet Student is an offshoot of The Lancet periodical, a journal which focuses mainly on Global Health. There are many opportunities to participate (and browse), including articles and blogs written by students just like you. Some articles include “Keeping the white coat clean: Should doctors be executioners?” and “Civil unrest and the affects it has on a nation’s children“. This might be one way to help your resume stand out from the crowd, come graduation day!

This website also includes a weekly podcast, a digest summary of The Lancet for students, information about taking electives across the world (Europe, Africa, Australasia, and at the WHO), and also a reading room, which contains free sample of many Elsevier books. Want to look at textbooks about paediatrics? You can look at Crash Course: Paediatrics or The Illustrated Textbook of Paediatrics, to start.

Lastly, Sullivan Library does keep copies of The Lancet in print from 1995 onwards. It is also available online from 1991-2006 through EBSCOhost’s Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition database. Connect now


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