Leisure Books

305.9087 B667R (Houston Room) Righteous Dopefiend: a narrative of the struggle of homeless heroin and crack users located within the streets of San Francisco, this work explores both the physical and emotional addictions to these drugs, as well as the lengths the users go to to get their next fix. This work includes stunning black and white photography, extensive field notes, and vivid dialogue to draw the reader into this seldom talked about way of life.

* * * * * *

519.2 M699D (Houston Room) A Drunkard’s Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives: a non-fiction work about probability for the rest of us. Focusing on how randomness affects us in our daily lives, examples are taken from areas such as sports, psychology, business, law, etc. There is even a piece regarding Monty Hall’s “Let’s Make a Deal” headscratcher. There is, however, not a single mathematical formula to worry about – for those of us (like myself) who are not as good with math!

427.09 AD19S (Houston Room) Slang: The People’s Poetry: What is slang? The author, Michael Adams, writes that slang is an integral part of the American language; a language of invention.  The book jumps from T.S. Elliot to Dickens, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to The Simpsons.

Ask yourself: are you “down with it” . . . or merely “out of it”?

* * * * * *

512.7 H535N (Houston Room) Number Story: From Counting to Cryptography: A book for math lovers, it includes such tricks as “casting out nines” (to determine that  your arthimetic is correct) and “What Was the Domino?” (to always look like a genius, or a nerd, in front of your friends). It also includes pieces on the Fibonacci numbers and “Infinity Plus One”. There is also a section on codes (“Unbreakable Codes”, “Simultaneous Key Creation”, and more).  

* * * * * *


823.914 AN34H (Houston Room) Harry a History: The True Story of a Boy Wizard, His Fans, and Life Inside the Harry Potter Phenomenon: Detailing the successful rise of the Harry Potter series in print and in movies, this book captures the affect Harry Potter had on culture. Written by the webmistress of the popular Harry Potter site “The Leaky Cauldron”, this book focuses the majority of its efforts on the “Leaky Cauldron” site, with brief mentions to other fan sites.     

* * * * * *

794. 815 D923G (Houston Room) Game Development Essentials: Gameplay Mechanics: An introduction for those who are considering making their own next-generation console games, or are simply curious about what sort of things go on when making a game. Chapters include topics such as creating the world, the characters, and the options you can give to users playing your game.

* * * * * *

794.8 N639V (Houston Room) Video Game Spaces: Image, Play, and Structure in 3D Worlds: a natural companion to the previous book, the author (Michael Nitsche) argues that game spaces can evoke narratives from players and thus should be considered meaningful virtual locations. Some of the games analyzed include World of Warcraft, Castle Wolfenstein, Final Fantasy, The Sims, Resident Evil, and Super Mario. For Nitsche, there are five types of space: rule-based space, meditated space, ficitional space, play space, and social space.


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