Changes to Gale’s Business and Company Resource Center database

Gale’s database Business and Company Resource Center has some exciting additions. These include an all-new homepage, SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, threat) analyses, and a new financial dashboard.

To test out the latter two, currently enrolled students and faculty can login to the databases. Once you are logged in, choose Gale, and then scroll down a bit to find Business and Company Resource Center.

Do a company search for Pfizer (stock symbol PFE). Choose the first one, with headquarters in New York, New York. The SWOT analysis will be located in a long blue button just above the company name Pzifer Inc. (PFE). It will be a downloadable PDF. The new financial dashboard is located by searching for the company, choosing Financials in the yellow tabs, and looking near the top of the screen, above Pfizer, Inc.

For more information, please navigate to Gale’s announcement.

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