New York Times to start charging for online access

The latest buzz this week was from the New York Times deciding to charge nonsubscribers to view articles on their website.

In brief, individuals who subscribe to NYT in print (even just the Sunday edition) can receive full access to the website at no additional charge. Nonsubscribers will be allowed to read a limited number of articles per month before having to pay a flat fee to access more. It should be noted that individual articles found through search sites such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo will be fully available to everyone. Users will hit the “pay wall” after attempting to click on internal NYT links.

The Sullivan Library subscribes to NYT in a variety of ways, including electronically (1980 to present), in print (current three months) and on microfilm (1960-current).

If you are a current Dominican College student, faculty member, or staff member, you can view the NYT electronically. Log in to the databases and then select Serial Solutions. In the drop down menu near the top which says “Title begins with”, type in New York Times. Then click on either LexisNexis Academic or ProQuest Newsstand (Complete).


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