Intute: Subject Directory Website… and more!

Do you need to find some authoritative websites to cite, either for a paper or for your own personal research? Intute is a very useful website to bookmark. One goal of this UK-based website is to “help you find the best websites for study and research”. You can either browse their web resources by subject — for example, they have Nursing, Midwifery, and Allied Health; Psychology; Communication and Media Studies; and Biological Sciences — or you can type in the search terms you are looking for right on that main page. For example, try a search for: hospice and palliative care. (Those who cannot spell well will be happy to note that it also includes a “Did you mean?” feature.)

A second goal of this website is to provide some excellent research tutorials in certain subject areas — they have over 60, so far. These tutorials last about an hour, and are self-guided. Best of all, you will leave the tutorial with a set of web sites about your subject area that you can look over. Some of the tutorials include: Business and Management; Education; English; History; Mathematics; Media and Communication; Medicine; Microbiology; Nursing; Psychology; and Social Work. There are many more!

The tutorials cover the following four areas:

1. Tour the best of the Web for that subject area

2. Judge which Internet resources are appropriate for university work

3. Discover how to find scholarly information online (including useful search strategy tips)

4. Success — examples of students using the Internet for research


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