Need a journal article or book we don’t own?

Hypothetical scenario: You are working on a 20 to 25 page paper for your Criminal Justice class. The paper is due in mid-April, but you have been asked to turn in an annotated bibliography (a list of sources, including a summary of each) in three weeks. You need a minimum of 10 sources — 6 must be scholarly journal articles and 2 must be books. So you diligently go to one of the EBSCOhost databases to look up some material and find 7 really good articles — however, only 5 of them are full-text (meaning that the entire article is included with the citation). The other 2 are just citations. So what do you do about getting those?

Here is where InterLibrary Loan (ILL) comes into play. Sullivan Library will determine if any other colleges have the material you need. How long it will take depends on the type of material — medical journal articles generally can be received within 48-72 hours (not counting weekends). Other journal articles will take 1 to 2 weeks on average. Since books must be delivered by regular post office mail, it might take up to 2 weeks.

In almost all cases, journal articles will be scanned and emailed to you as a PDF. For books, you will need to come into the library and pick them up.

Please see this page for the full InterLibrary Loan FAQ and policy.

Currently, the process to initiate an ILL request is to email dclibill (@) You must include the following information:

1) full citation of the journal article or book (i.e., journal name, article title, volume, issue, start and end page numbers, etc).

2) your first and last name

3) valid Dominican College email address

4) Your 5 digit DC-Card ID #

Good luck with your research this semester!


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