The Lancet retracts article which links autism to MMR vaccine

Last week, it was reported that the medical journal The Lancet fully retracted a 1998 article that suggested a link between the MMR vaccine and the onset of autism in children. The paper’s primary author, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, speculated that the combined measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine may have caused a chronic intestinal measles infection within 12 children he studied who had previously had normal development.

You can read the New York Times report here.

If you are a registered Dominican College student, faculty, or staff member, you may view the full-text of the article online by following these steps:

1) Log in to the databases.

2) Choose Serial Solutions E-Journals Page (last database listed)

3) In the upper left where it says “Title begins with”, put in Lancet.

4) Under Lancet (North American Ed.) choose Academic Search Elite.

5) On the right side, click the hyperlink for 1998, then click the hyperlink for Vol. 351 Issue 9103 – 02/28/1998.

6) Scroll down to #10. Click HTML Full-Text.


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