Periodicals Spotlight: Scientific American

The popular magazine Scientific American covers scientific issues including earth, life, space, and the environment. This magazine is geared towards the general public. Here are some highlights of articles you can find in some of the more recent issues.

March 2010:

The Brain’s Dark Energy: “Brain regions [which] active when we allow our minds to wander may hold a key to understanding neurological disorders and even consciousness itself.”

Toxic Gas, Lifesaver: “Though lethal, hydrogen sulfide turns out to play key roles in the body–a finding that could lead to new treatments for heart attack victims and others.”

Worm Charmers: “Follow an intrepid scientist as he learns why earthworms rush to the surface when bait hunters rub a piece of metal across a stick poked into the ground.”

For February and January 2010, click “Continue Reading”.

February 2010:

Cloudy With a Chance of Stars: “Making a star is no easy thing. Astronomers are filling in gaps in the standard view of how stars arise.”

Better Mileage Now: “Emerging technologies could make the internal-combustion engine substantially more fuel-efficient, even as green vehicles make inroads.”

Seeing Forbidden Colors: “People can be made to see reddish  green and yellowish blue–hues forbidden by theories of color perception.”

January 2010:

Looking for Life in the Multiverse: “Universes with odd physics might still be habitable. … These findings suggest that our universe may not be as “finely tuned” for the emergence of life as previously thought.”

Violent Origins of Continents: “Did asteroid strikes during the earth’s youth spawn the earliest fragments of today’s landmasses?”

Real Money from Virtual Worlds: “Online fantasy games enable developing world entrepreneurs to make a living by trading stashes of make-believe gold for hard cash.”

Scientific American is also indexed in several different databases that Dominican College subscribes to, including within EBSCOhost’s MAS Ultra – School Edition. Current Dominican students, staff, and faculty can login here.


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