Selection of Books for Women’s History Month

Here is a selection of books that you can find in Sullivan Library regarding Women’s History Month — look for them on the shelves!

306.483 M145P Playing with the boys: Why separate is not equal in sports

658.1108 W688S Smart women and small business: How to make the leap from corporate careers to the right small enterprise

364.973 M365D Doing justice, doing gender: Women in legal and criminal justice occupations

363.33 K295B Blown away: American women and guns

973.7082 H146W Women on the Civil War battlefront

305.4 C693A America’s women: four hundred years of dolls, drudges, helpmates, and heroines

305.409 K237W Women in the Middle East: Past and present

815.508 SA73F From megaphones to microphones: Speeches of American women, 1920-1960

305.42 EL74H The hidden face of Eve: Women in the Arab world

306.7 J712S Shifting: The double lives of Black women in America

320.082 ST67W Women in contemporary politics

302.23 W842 Women and media: International perspectives

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