New Book Display: Irish American Heritage Month

929.2 M137A Angela’s ashes: A memoir — “This Pulitzer Prize-winning book recounts scenes from Frank McCourt’s childhood in New York City and Limerick, Ireland. McCourt paints a brutal yet poignant picture of his early days when there was rarely enough food on the table, and boots and coats were a luxury.”

821.8 Y34 Finn Mac Cool — (fiction) “Somewhere in the shadowy borderland between myth and history lies the territory of Finn Mac Cool. Mightiest of the Irish heroes, leader of the invincible army of Fianna, he was a man of many faces: warrior, poet, lover, creator, and destroyer. Finn Mac Cool is a man taken from one of the lowest classes of Irish society, driven by ambition and strength to rise above his birth and bring new respect and status to his people. He had it all and lost it all, but in the end he gained immortality.”

941.5 D353L The land of Ireland — This is the book on the lower shelf which is opened to a fabulous color scene, with an overturned boat in the foreground, soft green grass spreading far and wide, and the waiting blue waters in the background.

941.5 OX2 The Oxford illustrated history of Ireland — “With over two hundred photographs, a variety of helpful maps, and many beautiful color plates, this history brings to life the conflicts, settlements, and traditions that constitute Irish history, making it wide-ranging and highly readable for anyone fascinated by this colorful island nation.”

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941.5 OB6C A concise history of Ireland

941.5 N467C Companion to Irish history, 1603-1921 : from the submission of Tyrone to partition [NOTE: Reference – must be used within the library]

270.2 H198S Saint Patrick, his origins and career

941.59 L621I The Irish Uprising, 1916-1922

941.5 F576V Vanishing Ireland — lots of (mostly black and white) photographs.

305.42 N51I Irish women: Image and achievement: Women in Irish culture from earliest times

270.089 C332 Celtic spirituality

821.8 Y34 Running to paradise: Yeat’s poetic art

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Here are some more books still on the shelf which you can check out today!

820.9 V277I Irish literature: A social history: Tradition, identity, and difference

270 D247S The saints of Ireland: A chronological account of the lives and works of Ireland’s saints and missionaries at home and abroad

398.2 IR4 Irish folktales

398.2 EA76 Early Irish myths and sagas

Finally, the books in this post have been returned to the shelves for checkout.


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