Daylight Savings Time begins this Sunday

Don’t forget to set your clocks FORWARD one hour this Sunday, March 14 at 2:00 AM. We will lose an hour of sleep, but it will be daylight longer at night!

Here’s a book from the online catalog to celebrate this move into Spring:

389.17 P919S Seize the daylight: the curious and contentious story of daylight saving time.

“In this rewarding excursion into the curious history of daylight saving time (DST), Prerau discovers that it has been at the crossroads of politics and war. He recounts that DST first occurred to an Englishman who on his morning horse rides observed that Londoners were still abed, a lethargy he found reprehensible. The affronted William Willett championed DST in a 1907 pamphlet entitled “The Waste of Daylight,” setting the original argument that touched off decades of debates on DST in British and American legislatures.”


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