College students & the census

The 2010 census will be taking place soon across America. As a college student, you might be asking yourself: are you counted on your parent’s form? After all, you do go home in the summer each year.

If you live in a residence hall, the answer is no, your parents should not count you. This is because you have spent more of your time at the residence hall than you have at home. If you are living in the residence halls, you will be counted as being part of “group quarters” and receive an individual questionnaire sometime between Apr 1 and May 21. (If you live off-campus, you will receive a more traditional census form which will come to your home.)

Why should you fill out the form? As the website below states, it helps with:

* College tuition grant and loan programs.

* Decisions about funding for critical services in your academic community, like transportation, public safety, medical care, and road repairs.

* Important research done by college faculty, students, librarians, and community leaders.

For more information about the progress and for information on how to participate in the census, look at the Census on Campus website.


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