Workshop Handouts

The following workshop handouts are available. If you would like any of these, please send an email to Nicole.Kranich (at)

Intro to Health Services Databases (doc) — for OT/PT/Nursing students. Covers 5 EBSCOhost databases, Rehabilitation Reference Center, and ProQuest. Also has a special section on how to initiate an InterLibrary Loan (ILL) request for an item that we do not own but that you need.

Research Made Easy (PPT) – 42 or so slides about research hints and tricks for anyone writing a paper. From getting the assignment to writing your thesis statement, this handout will help you get a better grade.

Citing Your Work with RefWorks (doc) – Screenshots of our RefWorks database. RefWorks is a bibliographic citation management system; in short, you can import citations from databases with the click of the button, or type them in manually. Once all your citations are complete, simply press a button to see your Reference List formatted in either MLA or APA styles. It’s that easy!

Database Searching (doc) – Learn the differences between searching Google and searching a database.

NowQuest & EBSCOhost (Academic Search Elite database) (doc) — Screenshots of our two most widely used databases. Learn how to find, save, print, and email articles for your projects.

ProQuest & Serial Solutions (doc) — screenshots of two more databases. ProQuest is another database for article searching, while Serial Solutions is useful when you have a article citation and you want to see if we own it electronically so you do not have to make a trip to the library!

Evaluating Resources (doc) — Learn how to evaluate periodicals and web sites.

Internet Research & Finding Books (doc) — learn the basics of Internet research, and also how to use our online catalog.



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