New Books: Fast Food, Disney & Hospitals, and more!

394.12 SCH39C Chew on this: Everything you don’t want to know about fast food; “Chew on This covers the history of the fast-food industry and delves into the agribusiness and animal husbandry methods that support it. From the 37-day life of the pre-McNugget chicken to the appallingly inhumane conditions of slaughterhouses and meatpacking plants, the author lays out the gruesome details behind the tasty burgers and sandwiches. Equally disturbing is his revelation of the way that the fast-food giants have studied childhood behavior and geared their commercials and free toy inclusions to hook the youngest consumers.” (Amazon)

610.69 L511I If Disney ran your hospital: 9 1/2 things you would do differently; — what does it take to achieve patient satisfaction? Did they find compassion and care during their time at the hospital? Can we learn from the Disney customer service model? Patients and visitors do not judge their hospital stay based on how well their disease was treated, but rather on how well they themselves were treated.  (Amazon)

302.2345 SE49G Global television: Co-producing culture; “Focusing on how the process of internationally made programming such as “Highlander: The Series” and “The Odyssey” – amusingly dubbed “Europudding” and “commercial white bread” – are changing television into a transnational commodity, Barbara Selznick considers how this mode of production – as a means by which transnational television is created – has both economic rewards and cultural benefits as well as drawbacks.” (Amazon)

629.892 R57 Robotics (Amazon)

794.8 C765C Cheating: gaining advantage in videogames (Amazon)

794.8083 W134P Plugged in: A clinicians’ and familes’ guide to online video game addiction (Amazon)

973.71 N298J Justice in blue and gray: A legal history of the Civil War (Amazon)

973.775 SCH76E The encyclopedia of Civil War medicine (Amazon) [Reference material for in-house use]

809.02 R831E Encyclopedia of medieval literature (Amazon) [Reference material for in-house use]

809.003 EN19 Encyclopedia of world writers (Amazon) [Reference material for in-house use]

820.9 EN19 Encyclopedia of British Writers, 16-18th centuries (Amazon) [Reference material for in-house use]

423.1 H384F The Facts of File dictionary of American regionalisms (Amazon) [Reference material for in-house use]


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