New Book Display: Upcoming Art Show

[The books in the Irish American Heritage book display have been returned to the shelves if you wish to check them out.]

From Sunday, April 18 through Tuesday, May 11, Dominican College will be hosting an art show entitled “Altered Landscapes” at The Sullivan Library, a fine arts show and sale of original, multi-media works by regional artists. The show is green-themed and aims to draw attention to the effects of the human presence on our planet. The opening reception will be held on Sunday, April 18th from 3 to 5 PM. For more information, please call Giselle McMenamin at (845) 848-4006.

In honor of this, the librarians at The Sullivan Library have designed a book display case which goes hand in hand with the theme. Here is a listing of books which are on display:

364.18 W585C Crimes against nature: Environmental criminology and ecological justice (Amazon)

363.728 ST82W Waste and want: A social history of trash (Amazon)

508. 747 ST25H The Hudson: An illustrated guide to the living river (Amazon)

111.85 C197N Nature and Landscape: An introduction to environmental aesthetics (B&N)

363.738 G51 Global warming: Looking beyond Kyoto (Amazon)

581.7 R367G Green planet: How plants keep the Earth alive (Amazon)

551.46 OC2 Oceans 2020: Science, trends, and the challenge of sustainability (Amazon)

551.6 AR23G Global Warming: understanding the forecast (Amazon)

363.7 H443E Earth odyssey (Amazon)

363.7 C386G Global environmental politics (Amazon)

551.6 D323C Complete guide to climate change (Amazon)

577.68 W534 Wetland ecosystems (Amazon)

581.7 B64E Ecological Climatology (Amazon)


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