New Issues of Periodicals

Every weekday the periodicals department gets a respectable size of journals, magazines, and newspapers which must be checked in and then put on the shelves. Here is a sample of what has come through our department in the two days:

Nursing for Women’s Health [cover story: Teaching pregnant teens: Lessons learned]

Sports Illustrated [cover story: Phil in full: Mickelson claims the Masters]

New York [cover story: The best place to live in New York is…]

The American Journal of Occupational Therapy [special issue: Older driver safety and community mobility]

Wall Street Journal [headline: Inside Toyota, executive trade blame over debacle]

The American Journal of Economics and Sociology [article: School kids and oil rigs: Two more pieces of the post-Katrina puzzle in New Orleans]

Nursing Outlook [cover story: Current trends in feminist nursing research]

New York Times [headline: Agenda of nuclear talks leaves out a new threat]

Nursing Times [cover story: Goodbye to paper: Are you ready for electronic records?]

Nursing Management [cover story: Compassion fatigue: Nothing left to give?]

The New England Journal of Medicine [cover story: Lenient versus strict rate control in patients with atrial fibrillation]

Time [cover story: Should schools bribe kids?]

Newsweek [cover story: What would Mary do? How women can save the Catholic church from its sins]


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