Job Hunting Resources at The Sullivan Library

It is that time of year again . . . May!

The Sullivan Library has an extensive array of materials (both in print and online in e-book form) of resources which can help you find a job after you graduate, or in general. Your best bet is to look at the 650.14 section in the Houston Room (take a right after you enter the library). Other books are on reserve (2 hour use within the library, held at the front desk), or online in our ebrary database (click “Read More” to see those).

Here are some new and recent books that have been received:

650.14 L578G Guerilla marketing for job hunters 2.0: 1,001 unconventional tips, tricks, and tactics for landing your dream job (Amazon)

[Reserves @ Front Desk] How to find a job on LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other social networks (Amazon)

[Reserves @ Front Desk] Winning job interviews (Amazon)

650.14 R957O Over 40 & you’re hired!: Secrets to landing a great job (Amazon)

[Reserves @ Front Desk] Fired to hired: Bouncing back from job loss to get to work right now (Amazon

[Reserves @ Front Desk] Knock ’em dead 2010: The ultimate job search guide (Amazon)

Choose “Read More” to see online materials, including for resume and cover letter writing!

For the materials below (which are e-books coming from our ebrary database) log into this page, choose ebrary, and then type in the title of the book you are looking for. Or click the Amazon link for more detail.

101 smart job questions to ask on your interview (Amazon)

101 great resumes (Amazon)

Guide to internet job searching (Amazon)

Resumes for education careers (Amazon)

The guide to basic resume writing (Amazon)

202 great resumes (Amazon)

Slam dunk cover letters (Amazon)

The guide to basic cover letter writing (Amazon)

201 killer cover letters (Amazon)

Resumes for college students and recent graduates (Amazon)                   

Resumes for sales and marketing careers (Amazon)

Get the interview every time: proven cover letter and resume strategies from Fortune 500 professionals (Amazon)

The career change resume (Amazon)

Resumes for re-entering the job market (Amazon)


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