New Books for Summer Reading


[The books in this post about the display case have been moved back to the shelves if you are interested in reading them.]

The display case has been refilled with books for summer reading. A series of new books — there should be something here for everyone!

796.093 D921G Gladiators: Violence and spectacle in ancient Rome (B&N)

338.761 AU51G Googled: The end of the world as we know it (Amazon)

638 J1F6F Fruitless fall: The collapse of the honey bee and the coming agricultural crisis (Amazon)

384.8065 P931P The Pixar Touch (Amazon)

006.76 M167T Twitter: Tricks, tips, and tweets (Amazon)

910.9896 G769W Writing the future of black America: Literature of the hip-hop generation (Amazon)

794.8 D391R Reset: Changing the way we look at video games (Amazon)

338.761 D779G Google bomb: The untold story of the $11.3M verdict that changed the way we use the Internet (Amazon)

940.5381 SO24L Life behind barbed wire: The World War II memoirs of a Hawai’i Issei (Amazon)

650.14 R9570 Over 40 & you’re hired!: Secrets to landing a great job (Amazon)

364.137 G256M Midnight on the line: The secret life of the U.S.-Mexico border (Amazon)

974.73 D951 Dutch New York: The roots of Hudson Valley culture (Amazon)

364.106 EN36B Born to kill: The rise and fall of America’s bloodiest Asian gang (Amazon)

778.535 H279P The film editing room handbook: how to tame the chaos of the editing room (Amazon)


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