The world turns its eyes to South Africa

With the start of the World Cup today — Friday, June 11, 2010 — the world focuses in on the country of South Africa, which is playing the opening match at the moment.

There is an abundance of resources about this country which can be found through the The Sullivan Library — for example, there are many electronic books found within the Ebrary database, which can be accessed by Dominican College students and faculty at this page.

Some titles include:

Diamonds, Gold, and War: The British, the Boers, and the Making of South Africa by Martin Meredith (Amazon)

Twilight People: One Man’s Journey to Find His Roots by David Houze (Amazon)

History of South Africa by Leonard Monteath Thompson (Amazon)

* * * *

There is also a database called CountryWatch, which provides political, economic, investment, social, and environmental information about countries of the world, including South Africa. Each country’s entire report is available in a downloadable PDF form.

* * * *

If you are currently residing in the United States, here is the broadcast schedule:

And remember, if you type world cup into, it should show you the current scores, standings, and upcoming matches at the top of the results list screen.


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