RefWorks 2.0

RefWorks will soon be changing to version 2.0! This will occur sometime this summer. Don’t know what RefWorks is? Here is a refresher:

RefWorks is a bibliographic management tool which helps users manage research, writing, and collaboration. It helps build the reference list or works cited page and allows one to store one’s research (including full-text articles) on RefWorks servers, so that it can be viewed and printed from any computer with internet access.

The best place to connect to RefWorks through the RefWorks portal page (scroll down select either on-campus or off-campus to connect), as this page has FAQs, tutorials, and other information. You can of course still connect to it through the normal database login page if you do not need the extra assistance.

Here is a preview video of RefWorks 2.0.

Here is a temporary web-site to use to preview RefWorks 2.0 (citations will not be saved unless you back them up before the site disappears).


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