In the news: David Petraeus

You might have hard by now that David Petraeus is the new commander for the war in Afghanistan. He replaced General Stanley McChrystal, who resigned after remarks criticizing the administration were published in the Rolling Stones magazine.

There are many ways that you can get online help from the library to find more background information about David Petraeus. For instance, head over to our Internet Resources page to find biographical information on the free Internet, or head over to our databases sign-in page to find newspaper articles via LexisNexis Academic, one of our subscription databases that Dominican College students and faculty have access to for free.

Not sure what other databases you can use to find related information about David Petraeus? Try signing into our databases as suggested above and then choosing NowQuest. This program allows you to search all of The Sullivan Library’s databases at the same time with one search. Once you have conducted your search and have a list of results, make sure you place a check mark by “Full-Text” in the upper left so that you are assured that each result has the entire text and not just a summary.

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