Murders and Mobsters! New books @ The Sullivan Library

Here is a list of some of the new books that we have cataloged to add into our collection:

364.1097 B568N Notorious New Jersey: 100 true tales of murders and mobsters, scandals and scoundrels (Amazon)

346.106 N513A Angels, mobsters & narco-terrorists: The rising menace of global criminal empires (Amazon)

618.9289 J733C The child psychotherapy treatment planner (Amazon)

364.1552 G948G Go down together: The untold story of Bonnie and Clyde (Amazon)

650.142 M172H How to write a CV that really works (Amazon)

796.48 ON9 Onward to the Olympics: Historical perspectives of the Olympic Games (Amazon)

FIC G885P Pearl Harbor: A novel of December 8th (Amazon)

780.285 K848R Ripped: How the wired generation revolutionized music (Amazon)

179 N39S Sticks and stones: The philosophy of insults (Amazon)

808.02 SCR39S Survival writing: (how to write letters, resumes, pitches, invoices, emails, articles, reports, and everything else you need to know how to write) (Amazon)


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