Restoration of da Vinci’s “Virgin on the Rocks”

Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting “Virgin on the Rocks” has recently undergone an 18 month cleaning, and has been returned to display at London’s National Gallery. The restoration centered around removing a layer of varnish that had been applied in the late 1940s and had today begun to yellow and decay.

While doing the restoration, officials concluded that da Vinci probably painted the entire piece himself, without the help of assistants, and intended for it to stay unfinished. Read more at this CBC News link.

If you are looking for books regarding Leonardo, connect to the catalog and put in his full name. Examples include:

759.5 AQ56L Leonardo da Vinci (Amazon) [color reproductions with commentary]

611 M42L Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomical drawings (Amazon)

709.2 ARI4L Leondardo da Vinci: The rhythm of the world

Also, if you enjoy art in general, take a peek at our CAMIO database. This database was covered in more detail with this blog post.

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