Electronic Resources available through Ebrary

Ebrary is one of the databases that is listed on our remote database access login page. It allows you to look at electronic books either on campus or off — which means you always have an extensive library at your fingertips even after the physical library has closed!

It offers over 45,000 online full-text books and other documents from over 220 leading academic, trade and professional publishers. The subject areas covered include Social and Behavioral Sciences, Health, Biomedical and Clinical Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Education, Humanities, History, Business, Physical Sciences, Economics, as well as Computers and Information Technology.

Did you know you can also access Ebrary in two ways? The first way is through the page listed above — you log in with your Dominican College credentials and then choose “Ebrary”. You then type in search words or some of the example titles provided at the end of this post.

The second way is going through The Sullivan Library’s online catalog — you should see a dropdown menu for “Type”. Click that and choose “Ebrary Subscribed Electronic Book Collection”. Then type in some search words above and click search.

Find a record that interests you. Click on the title of the book, so that the item record information appears. And then click the icon   to see the item within the Ebrary database. The icon is also available from the results list page.

Click “Continue Reading” to see some example titles.

Examples of possible Ebrary titles to look at:

Encyclopedia of television shows, 1925 through 2007

Autism and developmental disabilities: current issues and practices

Narrative unreliability in the twentieth-century first-person novel

Encyclopedia of nursing research

A to Z world lifecycles: 175 countries – birth, childhood, coming of age, dating and courtship, marriage, family and parenting, work life, old age and death

An encyclopedia of swearing: The social history of oaths, profanity, foul language, and ethnic slurs in the English-speaking world

Parole, desistance from crime, and community integration

A short course in international marketing blunders: Mistakes made by companies that should have known better

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