Spinal Fluid Test Found to Predict Alzheimer’s

NYTimes.com has posted an article about a study on using a spinal fluid test to predict Alzheimer’s at a much earlier rate of progression than ever before. The study will be appear today in the Archives of Neurology and can be found here.

The study used more than 300 patients in their 70s. Two hundred had memory problems, 114 had no memory problems, and 102 had a diagnosed case of Alzheimer’s. The study looked at the spinal fluid protein levels (amyloid beta). Every patient that had higher levels of this type of protein developed Alzheimer’s within 5 years.

Here are some physical and electronic books held within our collection:

Clinical Alzheimer rehabilitation [electronic resource]

The enduring self in people with Alzheimer’s: Getting to the heart of individualized care

The 36-hour day: a family guide to caring for people with Alzheimer disease, other dementias, and memory loss in later life [electronic resource]

Cellular mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease [electronic resource]

Occupational therapy and dementia care : the Home Environmental Skill-Building Program for individuals and families

For electronic resources, click the link above and look for “item info”. Below that, you should see an image of a link (chain). Click that image to gain access. If you are looking at the item from off campus, you will have to log in with your DC credentials.

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