The Sullivan Library’s Internet Resources Page

Imagine this scenario… your professor has asked you to write a paper citing 3 authoritative websites that back up the thesis of your paper.

Where do you start? How do you know what is authoritative? One good place to check first is The Sullivan Library’s Internet Resources page. It features a variety of web sites on many different subjects, including Criminal Justice, Education, Religion, Health Sciences, and many more!

For example, here are some of the links within the Criminal Justice category:

Bureau of Criminal Justice Statistics for the U.S. department of Justice

CrimeLynx, the criminal defense practitioner guide through the internet

National Archive of Criminal Justice Data from the University of Michigan

Center of Juvenile and Criminal Justice

Another way to find websites is to look for authoritative web portals. Just like Dominican College’s portal pages, web portals serve as a gateway to many different resources. Some of the more well known research web portals include the following:

Intute – the main focus is on British resources, however, there are many resources from other countries listed here, in many different subject areas. Their Virtual Training Suites are highly recommended for honing your internet research skills in various areas such as Psychology, Nursing, Earth Science, and more. This service is free until July 2011.

Infomine – Scholarly Internet Resource Collections; please note this portal includes links to both free and pay resources.

Internet Public Library – another useful portal page, IPL has recently merged with Librarian’s Internet Index (LII) to create IPL2.


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