Google Books for students

Google Books is a service offered by Google. They have gone around to major libraries and scanned the library’s entire collection. The books are classified based on how much of it you can see (no preview, snippet view, “preview”, and full view). The books which are marked as full view are generally books which were written before 1918 and are out of copyright.

What does this mean for you, a student?

Some books that you might really want to read are listed as “preview”. There are two ways that you can benefit from this.

1) Textbooks or other assigned materials — depending on the type of material you are looking for (true textbook vs a novel assigned in class), you might have luck finding a “preview” of the book which might give you enough information to allow you to get by until the book you ordered via the bookstore or the internet arrives. This may or may not work, so do not put all of your hopes on it.

2) You need to cite a book — if you have searched The Sullivan Library catalog and there are no physical or electronic books to help you (remember that our catalog houses over 30,000 electronic books in their entirety!), then try Google Books.

There are a variety of ways to connect to Google Books.

1) When you are searching our catalog and you are on a results list page or you are looking at the record for 1 item, look in the upper right for a hyperlink that says “Continue search in Google Books”.

2) (direct link)

3) -> More -> Books

We hope this helps you in your studies!


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