Nursing Times student guide 2010-2011

Sullivan Library has received a copy of the Nursing Times student guide for the 2010-2011 academic year. It is in booklet form. If you would like to take a peek, please visit the Periodicals department and ask to see it.

[UPDATE: Check the comments section of this post for a link to an electronic version of this document, viewable for free, with registraton].

Here are the contents of this booklet:

How to… survive. This section includes tips on how to survive as a nursing student.

The write stuff. Tips from Tim Miller on how to write essays in the nursing field.

Be virtually invisible. How and why to make your social networking presence on the internet invisible.

Practice makes perfect. All about clinical placements and how to apply the skills you learned in your classroom towards them.

Easy does it. How to handle work pressures during training to help you relax.

Ooh nurse! What do you think you look like? Covers the image of the nurse in today’s day and age.

Milk the cash cow. Dealing with debt from your studies.

Top of the class. Academic tips for nursing students.

Learn from a master. Amanda Morgan has completed her training and survived 11 placements.

Get on top with online learning. Learning programs through Nursing Times. Keep in mind this publication is UK based.

Top tips for doing your literature review! Literature reviews are usually the final part of your degree.

Plan your career. Tips on preparing for your first job.

Work it! Advice on getting your first job.

Click your way to extra help. Listing of websites that might be useful to you.


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