Message in a bottle… and other communication resources

Did you hear about the message in a bottle [Yahoo! Buzz] that made a trip across the Atlantic Ocean over 16 months, spanning from Florida to the Emerald Isle in Ireland? “Last year, a high school student named Corey Swearingen put a letter in a bottle, sealed it up, and dropped it in the Atlantic Ocean, off the Florida coast. It was kind of an experiment for school. In the letter, he appealed to whomever came across the bottle to contact him and let him know where in the world it showed up.” That is a pretty cool form of communication!

In honor of this news story, here are some books that relate to communication here at the Sullivan Library:

  • Survival writing: (how to write letters, resumés, pitches, invoices, emails, articles, reports, and everything else you need to know how to write) [catalog record]
  • Putting the public back in public relations: how social media is reinventing the aging business of PR [catalog record]
  • Alphabet to Internet: mediated communication in our lives [catalog record]
  • Portable communities : the social dynamics of online and mobile connectedness [catalog record]
  • The human right to language: communication access for deaf children [catalog record]
  • 24/7 : how cell phones and the Internet change the way we live, work, and play [catalog record]

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