Workshops for Spring 2011 Topics [POLL]

What workshops do YOU want to see in Spring 2011?

You can check multiple answers. See also the poll below (the previous blog post) about good dates & times. Comments are appreciated, especially if you would think a different topic would also be useful to hold as a workshop!


4 thoughts on “Workshops for Spring 2011 Topics [POLL]

  1. I always wanted to visit the library but the hours are short. I only come during the weekend. I am a weekend student in OT. Great textbooks in Rehabilitation. Does the library subscribes to New England Journal of Medicine?


  2. The library is open on both Saturday and Sunday from noon to 7PM. We are also open on Fridays until 7PM — we tend to see a lot of weekend OT students on Fridays from 4 to 7PM.

    We have New England Journal of Medicine in print from 1968 to the current issue. Years prior to 2008 are in microfilm format, though any periodicals staff member will do the microfilm machine for you.

    In terms of electronic access, EBSCOhost’s MEDLINE with Full Text has that journal from January 1993 to 3 months ago (the citation and the entire article); if you want the most current three months, you will have to visit the Periodicals department in the library.

    If you want to check and see electronic access we have to a journal, feel free to use the Serial Solutions database ( to login) and put the name of the journal where it says “Title begins with”.

    Also, don’t forget to look at our research handouts, which can be found at Most of them are the handouts given during workshops, useful for those students and faculty who could not attend in real time.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Has something ever been done with Education? Sometimes I find ERIC a bit confusing to use and there doesn’t seem to be much full-text available?

  4. Last Spring I held EBSCOhost for the Arts & Sciences (and a Health Services version). Since more than half of the people signing up were Education majors, I focused on ERIC and Professional Development as my EBSCO databases in my workshop examples.

    If you want a handout for how to search EBSCOhost, try this link:

    There is also a handout for “Article/Book Request and Serial Solution Info” under General Research Resources, which covers how to see if other Sullivan databases have the full-text. If we do not have the full text, the handout explains how to submit a request for the librarians to get it for you from another institution.

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