Featured Periodical: Consumer Reports

Today’s featured periodical is Consumer Reports.

Publisher’s Description: The trusted monthly magazine from America’s #1 consumer product testing center. You’ll get unbiased product ratings and advice on everything from cars to cameras, personal finance and health. Don’t miss our famous Annual Auto Issue; 360-page annual buying guide and more.

Topics By the Cover —

  • December 2010: TVs, computers, digital cameras, smart phones and more
  • November 2010: Best products of the year
  • October 2010:7 ways to slash your energy bill
  • September 2010: The 12 most dangerous supplements
  • August 2010: Classic kitchens for less
  • July 2010: Best stores for practically anything

Issues Per Year: 13

Sullivan Library Has: 1996-2005 in microfilm format; 2006 – present in print format.

Electronic Database Availability: Issues are available in full-text in LexisNexis Academic from Jan 1 1988 to present. It is also available in other databases through June 2009; ask a librarian if you need for more assistance.


2 thoughts on “Featured Periodical: Consumer Reports

  1. Wait a second…Hold the phone! Why is this title only available through June 2009? Shouldn’t this title be available NOW???

  2. Current issues are available in print – we just received January 2011.

    The journal is available online through the current issue on LexisNexis, however, some students do not find that database as easy to use as, say, EBSCO or Gale. Hence the mention of it being available through June 2009 in other databases.

    Hope this helps!

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