New handouts such as Primary vs Secondary sources, and MORE!

New for the Spring semester!

How to Read a Scholarly Article
[ .doc || .pdf ] Tips on what order you should read each section of a scholarly article in. HINT: You don’t start with the introduction! Also includes some study questions to ask yourself while looking at the article, to increase your understanding of what the author is talking about.

Narrowing the Topic into a Research Question [ .doc || .pdf ] See examples of how to narrow down a broad topic into a research question — and then try it yourself!

Periodicals Comparison Chart [ .doc || .pdf ] This handout details the differences between popular magazines, trade and industry publications, and scholarly journals.

Primary vs Secondary Sources [ .doc || .pdf ] One page worksheet describing the differences in primary and secondary sources, and hints on how to search for them in the library catalog or in internet search engines.

Using Boolean Operators in Searches [ .doc || .pdf ] Learn how to search for more than one topic at the same time. For example: nursing homes AND dementia.

See even more at the handouts page.


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