2011 Nursing Career Directory for free

Similar to last year, Lippincott has made the 2011 Nursing Career Directory freely available on the Internet. This is supplement to volume 41, issue 1 (January 2011) for the Nursing2011 periodical.

Here are some sample articles:

1. 2011 calendar of conferences

2. Go get your dream job

3. How new graduates can gain a competitive edge

4. If life is the test, prepare yourself to ace it!

5. Volunteers make the difference

6. Your guide to certification

Access to Nursing2011

Nursing2011 is available to Dominican College students in the following ways:

1. Electronically – go to the database sign-in page and log in

— Access the document via Serial Solution (see these example instructions) by searching for Nursing

— Look for Nursing (Jenkintown, Pa.)  (0360-4039)

Choose a database name

2. In print/microfilm format from 1971 to present.


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