Apps for college students

Looking for some useful apps to download for the upcoming Fall semester? Then look no further!

<<== iStudiez Pro [$2.99] – This app organizes your schedule (including professor office hours, phone number, etc), summarizes your homework, tracks your grade and GPA, and even more. Apple. Also check out the free Apple version.

myHomework [free] – know what is due and when it is due. Never turn in another assignment late! Apple/Android.

EZ Read [free] – This app connects to Sparknotes and provides all of the information in an easy-to-read mobile format. Apple.

Evernote [free] – This app allows you to create text, photo, and audio notes to help you study better. You can also attach images and recordings to the notes. Apple/Android.

Share Your Board [free] – Easily capture information on a white board and share it with other students. Android.

Wolfram Alpha app [$1.99] – Wolfram Alpha is a computational search engine which not only gives you the answer (for example “GDP of Japan 2007”), but also some corresponding charts, graphs, and other information. Best of all, the search engine improves over time as more and more users search for things. Apple/Android.

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