Periodicals Spotlight: Psychology Today

Today’s featured periodical is Psychology Today.

Publisher’s Description: The only magazine devoted to exploring human behavior is better than ever. From self-help to our relationships, from anxiety to parenting, this legendary and groundbreaking magazine covers it all. Because learning about yourself has never been this entertaining.

Topics By the Cover –

  • September 2011: Self-sabotage: the enemy within
  • July 2011: How to spot a narcissist, and why you can’t help falling for them
  • May 2011:6 clues to character: how to gauge the suitability of a partner, and more
  • March 2011: How to take feedback: learn to give and get criticism
  • January 2011: Who are you (and what do you think of me?)
  • November 2010: The truth about beauty

Issues Per Year: 6

Sullivan Library Has: 1996-2004 in microfilm format; 2005 – present in print format.

Electronic Database Availability: Issues are available in full-text in EBSCOhost’s Academic Search Elite from Jan 1, 1992 to present. Log-in via It is also available in other databases, including ProQuest; ask a librarian if you need for more assistance.


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