Did the moon sink the Titanic?

The April issue of the the magazine Sky & Telescope has an interesting article regarding the sinking of the Titanic and how the moon may have played a very pivotal role. Exceptionally strong tides might have been the culprit that caused abnormally large ice bergs to break off in January 1912. The tides were caused by a lunar perigee (the moon being at the closest point to the Earth) one day after recording a full moon. This combination of factors caused the breakage of ice.

These ice bergs would then appear in the shipping lanes of the north Atlantic by April.

If you wish to read the entire article, the April issue of Sky & Telescope is available within the Periodicals room of the Sullivan Library. It is also available electronically in the Gale Databases — once you are in Gale, choose Academic OneFile. The title of the article is “Did the moon sink the Titantic” — you’ll have an easier time finding it if you leave off the question mark at the end.



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