New books at Sullivan Library! Just in time for Spring

The World for Ransom: Piracy is terrorism, terrorism is piracy (online catalog)

Attacks on cargo ships along the Somali coast by maritime thieves have recast the image of piracy for the twenty-first century. Gone is the faded sepia image of Captain Kidd and buried treasure. In its place are gangs of seaborne brigands with rocket launchers, who bear a striking resemblance in appearance and actions to terrorists.

As jurist and historian Douglas R. Burgess Jr. argues in this compelling study, the case for linking piracy and terrorism goes much deeper than shared imagery. In fact, from a legal standpoint piracy may offer civilized society the key to fighting international terrorism.
Drawing both from historical examples and the present-day situation in the Gulf of Aden, Burgess proves that piracy and terrorism are the same crime. – Description from the publisher.

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Yoga and scoliosis : a journey to health and healing (online catalog)

They have left us here to die : the Civil War prison diary of Sgt. Lyle Adair, 111th U.S. Colored Infantry (online catalog)

Wired and mobilizing : social movements, new technology, and electoral politics (online catalog)

Basics of web design: HTML5 and CSS3 (online catalog)

GO! with Microsoft Office 2010. volume 1 (online catalog)


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