New Books at The Sullivan Library

Please take the time to check out just a few of our new books currently available at The Sullivan Library for end of the year papers or projects. You can search these titles, and other books that we have available at The Sullivan Library, by clicking on the following link:


Foreign fighters: transnational identity in civil conflicts, by David Malet. The cult of power of zealots and how they recruit. This book explores why there is a sudden surge in foreigners joining extremist groups and what motivates a person to join. (Call number 355.33M293f.  2013)

Honour” killing and violence:  theory, policy and practice, by Aisha K. Gill.  Psychologically orientated motivational model of honour-based violence around the world. The book explores culture, religion and traditions that motivate “honor” based killing and violence, primarily against women and girls.  (Call number 364.1523H759.  2014)

Fast future: how the millennial generation is shaping our world, by David D. Burnstein.  The strengths and weaknesses of the millennial generation ( 18 -30 year old,) who have been described as the worst employees in history.  Narcissistic, yet idealistic, savvy and pragmatic, millennials were born ready to navigate the fast- paced twenty-first century world. (Call number 305.2B937f. 2013)

Theoretical basis of occupational therapy Third Edition, by Mary Ann McCollCurrent theoretical and peer reviewed literature on how to promote health and well-being therapeutically. (Call  number 615.8515M124t. 2015)

Exercise for frail elders 2nd ed., by Elizabeth Best-Martini. Safe, motivational and effective exercise programs for frail elderly. (Call number 613.7044B464e. 2014)

Unbalanced:  the codependency of America and China, by Stephen Roach.  The threat of economic co-dependence and who ultimately holds the power. (Call number 337.7305R53u. 2014)


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