Spotlight On: Judy Gitlin

image1 (1)The Sullivan Library has had many welcome additions in the past year. The newest hire is librarian, Judy Gitlin, who manages technical services and cataloging.

Did you always want to be a librarian, or did you decide in college?

I didn’t decide to be a librarian until a year or two after college. I was working various unsatisfying jobs and I spent a lot of my spare time in the public library researching careers, as well as reading a lot (well, mostly reading a lot). Then I realized that a library would be a good place for me to work.

What degrees do you have and what degrees do you need for you position?

My BA degree is in philosophy. Then I went to get my master’s in library science.

What do you do in your position at The Sullivan Library?

I handle the technical services, which includes cataloging the books, maintaining the databases, making sure all of the resources are accessible to users and managing interlibrary loans. These are all the things that go on behind the scenes.

You have been working at The Sullivan Library for a short time. Is it what you expected?

Most of my previous jobs have been in larger libraries, so staff mostly stayed amongst themselves in their own departments. That isn’t possible here since it is so small. It’s a nice change.

What projects or plans do you intend to implement at the library?

My immediate project is implementing ILLIAD, a new system for interlibrary loans. Hopefully, it will make the process more streamlined and easier for both users and staff.

Where are you from?

Maryland, the suburbs of Washington, DC.

What books do you read?  What is your favorite genre?

A little bit of everything. I probably read fiction and non-fiction in equal amounts, no particular genres, although I am fond of mysteries; mostly I read just whatever catches my eye.

Thank you to Judy for participating in Spotlight On. With many new hires and program updates, the Sullivan Library has been transitioning this year. One of the goals is to provide a transformational experience for the Dominican College community. Feedback is always welcome at:


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