Library & ASC Receive a Makeover

This summer the staff at the Sullivan Library, Academic Success Center, Facilities, and IT were hard at work renovating the Library and the ASC. These renovations were made to further promote learning, research, and teaching on campus. Another sign of the College’s commitment to Achievement EveryDay.

Time Lapse Library Tour!

Some highlights:

  • The ASC relocated to the lower level of Rosary Hall and is accessible from the ramp at the front of the building. It now includes additional testing spaces, a classroom/tutoring space (also used for the EN110 lab), and a multi-purpose room which can be used for studying and practicing presentations.
  • The Learning Commons joined the rest of the Library’s spaces on the first floor. The study rooms have both been upgraded to include SmartBoards. The best part? The Commons is now open the same hours as the Library!
  • The Periodicals Room moved down the hall to the former computer lab. It still contains print journals & magazines, but now there is a wired table where you can plug in your devices.
  • The Library’s Computer Lab relocated to the former ASC space at the West Wing of Rosary Hall. It is accessible through the main entrance of Rosary. The space is much bigger and can accommodate larger class sizes. The lab is open to anyone when not in use for class.

An Open House for both spaces will be scheduled in October. But don’t wait until then to check us out! Have feedback? Email us at:


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