Celebrating Founder’s Week & the 800th Jubilee


The Sullivan Library is proud to participate in the annual celebration of Dominican College’s heritage and its establishment by the Dominican Sisters. The week of September 19-24, 2016 is dedicated to celebrating the history of Dominican College as well as the 800th Jubilee of the Order of Preachers. Throughout the week there are a variety of events held on campus which students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to participate in. In collaboration with these events, the Sullivan Library has put together a book display which highlights the history the Dominican Order. We welcome students, staff, and faculty of Dominican College to take a look and check-out books that are currently located in the display case. The case remains unlocked at your convenience so you are able to access materials you are interested in checking-out of the library. Stay tuned for daily posts on our Instagram account during Founder’s Week!

Read on for highlights from the book display:


Early Dominicans

by Simon Tugwell (Call # 255.2 EA76)

This particular volume focuses on 13th Century texts regarding the life and spirituality of the Dominican Order. Being that St. Dominic founded the organization as an order of preachers the text features a section on preaching and what it means to be a preacher. The organizations that were established by St. Dominic within the Dominican Order are considered to be the Dominican Family.

Here We Shall Be

by Congregation of Saint Dominic (Blauvelt, N.Y.) (Call # 271.2 H42)

Published by the Sisters of Saint Dominic of Blauvelt, this is a collection of essays that depicts the life and works of Sisters. It includes photos of their service to the church and community, as well as a timeline of the Dominican Congregation.

 Here We Have Sown

(Call # 271.2 H42)

Originally intended as a “companion book” to the first volume, Here We Shall Be, this text is now considered an “interim book” between the first and second volume of the Congregation’s history.

 Dominican Penitent Women

by Maiju Lehmijoki-Gardner (Call # 271.972 D713)

This text plays an important role of observing and analyzing the development of the Dominican penitent order in medieval European religious movements, specifically in Italy. It provides the reader with an understanding of women’s contributions to the high and late medieval religious culture.

Life of St. Dominic

by Bede Jarrett (Call # 271.2 J293L)

A biography of St. Dominic, the founder of the Dominican Order. This book includes a brief timeline of important events that occurred throughout St. Dominic’s life, as well as thorough biographical information throughout a series of chapters.

A Latin-English Dictionary of St. Thomas Aquinas: Based on the Summa Theologica and Selected Passages of His Other Works

by Roy J. Deferrari (Call # Ref. 189.43 T361E)

All of the words and definitions contained in this Latin-English dictionary have been directly taken from the Lexicon of St. Thomas Aquinas. The purpose of this dictionary is to assist readers in understanding the intentions St. Thomas and his work.



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