Spotlight On: Tiara Pearson

Dominican College offers Work Study employment to students across different areas on campus.  Some DC students as are lucky enough to be assigned to work in the Sullivan Library!

In this Spotlight On post, we are featuring one of our long time student workers, Tiara Pearson!  Tiara primarily helps out in Technical Services and in Periodicals.  We asked Tiara a few questions and her thoughts on working at the Sullivan Library.  She shares some tips to her fellow students who may not be as familiar with the library.



Where’s your hometown?

Paterson, New Jersey

What’s your major?

Psychology, Minor in Criminal Justice

What’s your academic status?

I am a Senior.

How long have you worked in the Sullivan Library?

Since the fall of my Junior year.

Are you involved with any activities on campus?

Not at the moment. I am trying to be a part of the psychology club though just do not have the time to attend meetings.

Favorite Class at DC?

My favorite class would have to be Social Psychology. It is very informative of those around me and myself.

Favorite Books?

My favorite book or books would have to be the Fallen series. It consists of 5 books altogether. I have only read the 4 because the last book is not relevant to the story. I have read those books about 3 times each. Another really good book is the Song of the Sparrow which is a poetry book and I encourage those who like poetry to read it.

What are your hobbies?  

I love to nap, read, watch the news! But mostly nap. I do like to crochet, apply make-up, and do my hair or others hair.

Any personal accomplishments you’d like to brag about? 

The only personal accomplishment that I would love to brag about is the fact I got into 3 different types of honor societies in my college career. It makes me feel good about keeping my grades up and motivates me to keep moving forward.

What do you enjoy most about working in the library? The best part about working in the library is the ambiance. I love the library – it is always quiet and you can focus better. The staff is very friendly and sweet, makes it much more enjoyable when you know employees are kind to you.

What do you think Dominican College students should know about the Sullivan Library?  What can the library offer students that they might not know about?

I think the students should know that the library and its staff are here to help with all of their research needs. The staff are trained to help you to the best of their ability. The library has study rooms as well that can be reserved. There is also the interlibrary loan service. This is for when our library does not have the particular article source you need; they can loan it from other libraries for you. It is quick and usually take 3-5 days to receive the article. Sometimes, the library sets up little classes students can take to gain information on certain programs and how to use the databases. This is all for the students so they can get the most of their experience of the library.

Thank you to Tiara for participating in Spotlight On!  


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