Important Changes to EasyBib


Chegg bought ImagineEasy, the company that owned EasyBib, in May and no longer offers paid subscriptions to educational institutions. Now the base service is free and you can pay for a personal subscription to the PRO version. But, lucky for us, Chegg is offering Dominican College a free version of EasyBib EDU, which includes access to 7,000+ citation styles including MLA 8, APA, and Chicago.

To create an EasyBib EDU account (or to convert your current account to EDU), you must use a coupon code. Refer to the email announcement from the library for the coupon code or email us directly: This code is unique to Dominican College and should not be shared with people outside the college.

New Users to EasyBib:

  • Visit
  • Enter the Coupon Code on here (you only need to do this once!)
  • Fill out the form when prompted
  • Remember your username and password
  • Start citing!

Users with Existing EasyBib Accounts:


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