Spotlight On: Julissa Jones

Dominican College offers Work Study employment to students across different areas on campus.  Some DC students as are lucky enough to be assigned to work in the Sullivan Library!

In this Spotlight On post, we are featuring one of our long time student workers, Julissa Jones!  Julissa primarily helps out in Technical Services.  We asked Julissa a few questions and her thoughts on working at the Sullivan Library. 



Julissa Jones

Where’s your hometown?

Bronx, NY

What’s your major?

Occupational Therapy

What’s your academic status?


How long have you worked in the Sullivan Library?

This will be my second year.

Favorite Class at DC?

Developmental Psychology

Favorite movies or TV shows?

The Great Gatsby

Favorite Books?

Fun Home (play)


What do you enjoy most about working in the library?

I enjoy that I can come and feel welcomed by all staff, assistance is there whenever I need it and I enjoy learning certain skills that I may need like being able to communicate well with others.

What do you think Dominican College students should know about the Sullivan Library?  What can the library offer students that they might not know about?

I think that DC students should know that the library has staff willing to help whether it is to locate a book or an online article in the databases. The library offers private rooms that are useful for small study groups and events that can help with writing papers.

Thank you to Julissa for participating in Spotlight On!  


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