Weekly Tips & Tricks – Making Copies


This week we will go over how to make the most of our copy machine!

Copying costs 10 cents a page.  We have two copiers in the library – one is in Huston room and the other is in the Learning Commons.

The first thing to do is wipe your DC-1 card through the photocopier card reader.


Swipe your DC1-Card

Next, if you are copying a bound item (like a book), you’ll want to lift up the top part of the copier. Place the page face down along the top left corner of the glass.  Press firmly with your hand or bring the top part of the machine back down to make sure the book is laying flat on the glass.


Place page face down on glass

Then press the green start button to make your copy.

However, if you are copying multiple loose pages, you’ll want to use the feeder located on the top of the machine.


Place loose paper in top feeder face up

If the pages are single-sided, you are ready to copy.  Hit the green start button.

If the pages are double sided, you can change a setting to ensure both sides are copied. Press the home button below the touchscreen.


Press the home button


Then on the touchscreen, select Copy.


Select the copy function

Next, tap the button “1-sided >>1-sided”.


Select the 1-sided button

Now change the setting to “2-sided >>2-sided”.


Select 2-sided>>2-sided

Finally, press the green start button to start copying.

If you need assistance in making your copy, ask a staff member at the circulation desk or in the Learning Commons office.

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