Weekly Tips & Tricks – Using the ADM

Welcome back to another edition of Weekly Tips & Tricks! This week we are going over the ADM (Automatic Deposit Machine).  We’ll tell you where to find the ADM in the library, how to use it, and how to make a secure deposit online towards your DC1-Card.

The ADM is located in within the Huston room and is used to replenish your DC1-Card funds.  The machine is located in a somewhat hidden spot.  When you enter the Huston room, walk past the four computers and take a left through the double doors into the Study Room.


Once inside, you’ll see the ADM on the wall.  The particular machine accepts cash only.

adm afar

To use the ADM, swipe your DC-1 Card through the card reader and then insert the amount you want to put on your card.  This machine will accept bills up to $20.   When you are done inserting bills press the end button.

adm close

If you do not have cash on hand,  you can always refill your DC1-Card online at  https://dc1card.dc.edu

There are more ADM’s located on campus at Casey Hall, Hertel Hall, Guzman Hall, Cooke Hall, Rosary Hall, and on the second floor lounge of the Prusmack Center.

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