Weekly Tips & Tricks – “What should I do when the library does not have book I need?”


Welcome to Weekly Tips & Tricks! These brief posts will share information about resources, services and tools to enhance your experience at the Sullivan Library and beyond!

This week we will share how to request a book that the library does not have in our collection.  Just because we do not own a specific book does not mean we can’t help you obtain a copy!

First, double check to see if the book you need is in our Online Catalog.


Type in the title of the book and click Search.  Sometimes it can be easier to find a book if you have the author’s last name.  If you need assistance searching the catalog, feel free to shoot the library a speedy chat message or email us and someone will help you.

If your book is not found in our online catalog, you can also check if it’s available from one of our local reciprocal libraries.  Dominican College students have borrowing privileges at Nyack College and St. Thomas Aquinas libraries.  You can borrow up to three books at a time from these libraries.  Search the online catalogs of Nyack College Libraries and the Lougheed Library St. Thomas Aquinas for your title.  Again, contact us if you need help!



You can also request a title we do not own by taking advantage of our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service.  To learn more about ILL, read all about it on our FAQ page.

Finally, you can always submit a purchase request if you feel it would be of benefit to the library to own the title.  Submit a purchase request by link and follow the instructions.


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