Weekly Tips & Tricks – Using the Scannx


It’s Thursday!  That means it’s time for another Weekly Tips & Tricks post!

This week we will introduce you to our fancy new scanner, the Scannx Book ScanCenter! The Scannx is located in the Periodicals Room. The machine makes scanning a much easier (and fun) process. Unlike traditional scanners, this machine provides the option of saving in a variety of file types (including making an MP3 file out of a scan of words). Additionally, you can save and send the scan four different ways – through a smartphone, email, Google Drive, or using USB. There are also helpful accessibility features!



Follow these step by step instructions on making your scan!

  1. Make sure the monitor and the Scannx machine is turned on. You should see a blue blinking light on the bottom right hand side of the machine. Press the “Power” button if the light is not on or blinking.
  2. Next, choose how you want to save and send the file.  There are four destinations to choose from:  Smartphone, Email,  USB or Google Drive.      IMG_3754.png
    • Smartphone – To use this option make sure you have a QR reader app installed on your phone.
    • Email – Sending by email is easy! Simply type in an email address, choose the subject, and add text to the message body.


      • Google Drive – Send the file directly to your Google Drive. You’ll need to log into a Gmail account for this option.  Once logged in, select a destination folder.
      • USB – Put a flashdrive in the USB port on the computer tower.
  3. Now choose specifics about your file. Choose to scan your document in color, grayscale or black & white. Next, decide if you want a standard or high quality file. Finally, pick what type of picture or document you want.  You can choose from a TIFF, JPEG or PNG for pictures.  Or you can create a PDF, Searchable PDF, Word or MP3 documents!  Please note that typed documents, not handwritten, work best when making a Word or MP3 file. Press the “Next” button at the lower right hand side of the screen to continue. IMG_375sd5.JPG
  4. Now make your scan! Place your document face down on the glass. Make sure to firmly hold it in place or close the cover down.  Press the green “Scan” button on the screen.           IMG_3758.JPG
  5. Review and edit your scan directly on the screen. You can crop the image or even split an image in half. Splitting a page is useful if scanning a bound document with multiple pages. Scan two pages at once and simply split the image in half, creating two separate pages. Press the “Next” button at the lower right hand side of the screen.

126. Finally, send that file using the format selected at the start! If you have any questions about making a scan or need help with the accessibility features, please talk to a library staff member.

Questions, comments, concerns?  Give us a call at 845-848-7505 or email sullivan.library@dc.edu!

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