Weekly Tips & Tricks – Finding Sullivan Library full-text articles using Google Scholar


Welcome back to another edition of Weekly Tips and Tricks.

This week we will go over how to access Sullivan Library full-text articles off campus when searching on Google Scholar.

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Google Scholar’s new CITE feature

Google Scholar announced today that they are now including a cite feature for all of their items within the database.

As with any citation tool, please take care to double check the citation for accuracy. It particular, APA and MLA have very specific rules about how to capitalize the title of an item –

APA: capitalize the first letter of the first word, the first letter of the first word after a colon ( : ) because it is a subtitle, and any proper nouns such as a name or place.

MLA: capitalize the first letter of the first word, and any other significant words (so not ‘the’, ‘of’ ‘a’, and similar).

You can also download the APA or MLA citation handouts from Sullivan Library (in PowerPoint format) by visiting the HANDOUTS tab at the top of each blog page.